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First Driving Impressions

WOW! It does Fantastic on the off-road. There were two obstacle courses, one for the H3 and one for the Pathfinder, 4runner and Cherokee. As of Yesterday, the 3rd day of the classes only, the 4runner was still drivable, other 2 in a shop for underside repair. There was a pile of parts off those truck that had fallen off, broken off. We did moguls, rail road ties two high, hill climb, "twist" good air on that one, V-ditch, rocks, uphill and down hill, steeper than the 60%, couple of 40% plus incline then rollers, all in the automatic. The road course still had the pathfinder and Cherokee. Drove the 5-speed and that sucker will crawl slower than a snail when in low lock, no need to touch the gas, until you need the torque, no locker on the 5-speed trucks I drove [3] but the traction kicks in nicely on the uphill and loose dirt. No creaks or groaning, it does just as well, better than the H2, should be real fun in the truck form, if/when it comes out. Center of rear seat narrow with two adults in the seat, power window control a little awkward for the driver to use, located next to your side, needs to be moved forward, power seat control hard to get to when door is closed. A/t trans a little doggie on the street, but it was built for off roads. I drove the Adventure series truck, 33 inch tires, no road noise. This will be fun.

Dave, Royal Hummer Tucson
May 20, 2005

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